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The Study: Andy is studying to be a physician. Morning, noon, and night. Besides studying, eating, and sleeping, he daydreams of cooking and wonders whether his past apprenticeship as a chef will be more grueling than residency. Andy thinks Sarah is crazy for coming with him.

The Studio: Sarah is a Master of Arts Management (literally, her that's her M.A. from GMU).  She's a maker who can throw clay, sketch beautifully, and transform any space with a drill, paint, and her brute strength. Sarah loves the adventure and challenge of this trek. See more of her work here.

Both Andy and Sarah climb trees like monkeys, love handwritten letters, look for beauty in the trivial and the significant, and hope to learn to love each other and others better through their journey.

Married in December of 2013, Sarah applied her slightly older and slightly wiser wisdom than Andy in our decision to spend the first year of marriage in the West Indies at Med School. Making it through a year in the developing country of Dominica, we are back state-side and continuing the adventure!

Photo by Willa J Photography
Photo by Karena Dixon

Photo by Willa J Photography

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  1. you guys are the best. i'm so glad you have a blog :)